Fri, 06/12/2015
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Mon, 03/25/2013
Business, government needed in local early education, survey finds By Justin A. Hinkley Mar.14, 2013 A recent survey told the Calhoun Great Start Collaborative it needs to engage more businesses and local governments in the cause of early education.
Mon, 02/25/2013
Cory William leaned over a computer in a classroom at Harper Creek High School last week, offering tips to a student trying to program a robot for the school’s robotics club. Week after week for the past three years William has come, helping the dozen or so Robo Beavers teammates construct their machines for a competition this spring at Gull Lake High School.
Sat, 02/23/2013
On its surface, Gene Zion’s 1976 book “Harry the Dirty Dog” has nothing to do with race. The children’s tale is about a white dog with black spots who gets into all kinds of mischief and comes home covered in soot, a black dog with white spots. At first, his family shuns him because they don’t recognize him, but then he’s cleaned and they’re happily reunited with their pet.
Tue, 02/19/2013
A dozen Burmese tots and their parents sat in a circle Tuesday in the clubhouse at Brookside Apartments, and Ayesha Franklin moved from one child to the next. “Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba,” she sang in a melodic key, making eye contact with the child in front of her. Watching from a corner of the room, Mary Barkley smiled and said, “The beauty of this is, music doesn’t need any translation. And everybody can participate.”
Sat, 11/3/2012
  Many bouquets of roses to PNC Bank for their support of families and children. As part of that support, PNC granted $5,000 to assist in the purchase of children’s car seats, which are convertible to fit children from 5 to 50 pounds.
Fri, 11/2/2012
Ashley Gregory’s daughter, 3-year-old Addysen, is on track to start kindergarten far ahead of some of her peers. After just two months of preschool at Battle Creek Christian School this year, the girl can write her name, count to 20, recite the alphabet and more, Gregory said Tuesday. And the single, working mother said that’s an opportunity she wouldn’t have been able to give her daughter if she hadn’t received a preschool scholarship through the Calhoun County Great Start Collaborative.
Thu, 11/1/2012
      Early Childhood Connections’ home visits for families with young children will be more targeted based on need, Project Coordinator Mary Barkley said today, but the work will continue for at least another five years as the project’s funders re-upped their commitment this week.
Mon, 10/15/2012
Woman becomes family coach after receiving services herself 3:44 PM, Oct 15, 2012   |   Tamika Wesley discusses her job as a family coach Wednesday at her home. / Jessie Caron/For the Enquirer Written by Justin A. Hinkley