Enter Frida Kahlo`s Red House: Decentraland is Preparing ‘Mind-Bending Installations` for Metaverse Art Week

Enter Frida Kahlo's Red House: Decentraland is Preparing ‘Mind-Bending Installations' for Metaverse Art Week

The metaverse project Decentraland (MANA) has announced the lineup for its 3rd annual Metaverse Art Week titled The World is Made of Code, which includes “mind-bending” work from contemporary artists and contributions from a Ukrainian non-fungible token (NFT) project.

Metaverse Architects Are Taking Web3 World-Building To The Next Level | N3w Lands

Architects are populating the metaverse with out-of-this world builds.

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Web3 for Beginners: Sotheby’s, Gagosion and Gucci in the Metaverse

Take a spin through the three unique metaverse experiences to see how brands and institutions are inhabiting locations within virtual worlds.

Site visits include:
-Sotheby’s gallery in Decentraland
-Gagosian gallery in OnCyber
-Gucci Town in Roblox

Curious to learn more about web3? Get the free Foundations of Web3 beginner’s course from Sotheby’s Institute by visiting https://go.sia.edu/foundations-of-web3

from ‘Frida: Immersive Dream’

Lighthouse Immersive, which created the wildly popular Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, has announced that seven North American cities will soon be seeing a follow-up, digital lightshow about artist Frida Kahlo called ‘Frida: Immersive Dream.’ The cities include Boston, Denver, Toronto, LA — and Dallas. No dates or venues were given yet but you can sign up for ‘first access to tickets’ at https://immersive-frida.com/.

Metaverse Fashion Week (Decentraland Walkthrough)

We dropped into Decentraland’s Fashion Week and had a little walk around to see what we could find.

Did you attend the event?

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