‘Developing Economies’ Tracking El Salvador’s Bitcoin Moves with Interest

Conventional financial managers are still skeptical about El Salvador’s prospects of launching a new economic paradigm on the back of a forthcoming bitcoin (BTC) bond issuance. But other nations may be looking to the Central American nation with keen interest – hopeful of following suit if El Salvador’s move to adopt BTC as legal tender last year pays dividends.

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in EL SALVADOR? – My Monthly Expenses

How much are utilities? What is rent like? Is food expensive? How much does it cost to live in El Salvador? While this amount can differ greatly depending on income and expectations, what I can offer you is my experience. After 10 years living here in El Salvador in different areas in different stages of life. From being employed, to unemployed, to self-employed. From having1 kid to 3 kids. These are our monthly bills. #ElSalvador #CostOfLiving #MyLifeInElSalvador

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NOTE: El Salvador uses the US dollar as it´s national form of currency

1- Water (Anda) Approximately 3$ a month
2- Electricity (multiple companies provide Electricity)
a. Rates vary based on economy of neighbourhood
b. Previously paid $200 a month in a home in Escalon with AC
c. Currently in La Libertad without AC and pay $120 a month during the pandemic. Previously paid $70 a month in the same home before the pandemic.
3- Internet/Cable/Phone (3 major companies provide Internet/Cable/Phone and usually in an inclusive package)
a. Previously paid $40 a month for basic plan 5-15 megabites of WIFI and 60 Cable Channels
b. Upgraded recently to $80 a month for 50 megabites of WIFI and 146 Cable Channels
4- Netflix & Disney Plus (optional but available – not all shows are available)
a. Netflix 11.99 a month
b. Disney Plus is 5.99 a month
5- Rent (varies greatly depending on location and expectations)
a. Usually between $80-$2000 a month
b. We have lived in 6 different homes in the past 10 years and spent between $500-$1400 a month in rent
c. Ironically currently in cheapest and favourite home at $500 a month
i. Would you like a house tour?
6- Food (varies just like anywhere depending on income, mouths to feed, how often eat out, what kind of food)
a. We are a family of 5 people and 2 large dogs and budget $150 a week for groceries
b. We eat pupusas every Sunday, order out one other time a week, make most food from scratch, eat a combination of Typical Salvadoran and Gringo food, and shop at the Mercado when possible
c. https://youtu.be/7M-JCu7xbvQ
7- School (rates based on location, languages, methods, diplomas)
a. Private Bilingual schools cost $100-500 per child per month
b. The most unexpected expense I had coming to El Salvador
c. may not be an expense if you do not have children, or if you send children to a public school
8- Transportation
a. Buying a vehicle new in El Salvador is pretty similar in cost to the US
b. El Salvador also imports used totalled cars from The US and repairs them making them a very economical option (this is what we did)
c. Gas is about $2.90-$3.15 gallon
d. Public Transportation is mostly privately owned unlike The US Government Public Transportation system
i. Buses Economical and often very crowded
ii. Taxis and Ubers also available

These are our monthly expenses living in El Salvador and while they may not be everyone’s I hope if helps give you a general idea of what you can expect to pay monthly.

El Salvador is a small country but it packs a big punch there is a lot to offer. You can be at the beach, the mountains, or the city within a half an hour and the weather is always beautiful…and of course Family comes first!
So while living in El Salvador isn´t free it is priceless!

0:00 How much does it cost to live in El Salvador?
0:52 What is El Salvador’s Currency?
1:02 How much does WATER cost in El Salvador?
1:26 How much is ELECTRICITY in El Salvador
2:48 How much is CABLE/WIFI/PHONE in El Salvador?
4:04 How much are NETFLIX & DISNEYPLUS in El Salvador?
4:59 How much is RENT in El Salvador? (home tour https://youtu.be/IYTcnbwmrl0)
6:36 How much is FOOD in El Salvador?
8:32 How much do SCHOOLS cost in El Salvador?
9:40 How much is TRANSPORTATION in El Salavdor?
11:16 Living in El Salvador is priceless!

Hi I’m Carol, and I’m ThatExpatMom! I’m from California but choose to raise my family in beautiful El Salvador. I originally came here for work but I fell in love with a man, his daughter, and his country. I made a giant leap of faith sold everything and came to El Salvador with 3 suitcases. 10 years 3 girls later here we are…a blended family of 5!

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How Much Does it Cost to Live in El Salvador – My Monthly Expenses
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