About Us

Vision & Mission                                                     

Every child in Calhoun County will have a great start. They will be safe, healthy, prepared, and eager to succeed in school and life, becoming contributing and productive members of their community.

To ensure Calhoun County will have a coordinated system of community resources and supports for all families in order to provide a great start for children from birth through age eight.

Calhoun County School Readiness Equation (Click Link for PDF)

Calhoun County Early Childhood Operating System (Click Link for PDF)

Early Childhood & Family Opportunities Graphic Illustration (Click Link for PDF)


Calhoun Great Start Collaborative Staff

Susan Clark, Coordinator 269-660-1606 ext. 6143


Great Start Parent Coalition

Zoe Brainard, Parent Liaison 269-660-1606 ext. 6144


Calhoun Early Childhood Connections

Mary Barkley, Project Coordinator  269-660-1606 ext. 6143